RAPID Study: Investigating new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers

This study is investigating a new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel. This innovative treatment uses a concentrated gel, containing vitamin C and your body’s own blood cells, to boost the natural healing process. RAPID™ Gel treatments have been clinically validated to be safe and effective and this study is seeking to demonstrate the effectiveness of this treatment on diabetic foot ulcers.

You can take part in either London, Bradford, or Loughborough.

Participants will either receive the new treatment or best in class standard care. All participants will have weekly appointments for 12 weeks, with a final check-up after 6 months. At each weekly appointment, wounds will be reviewed and photographed.

Study For

Adults with a diabetic foot ulcer that has not healed for at least 10 weeks

Sponsored By

Biotherapy Services, NHS Barts Health, Bradford Teaching Hospitals, NHS Leicestershire




Take Part


April 30, 2022

What is expected of me? 

Once enrolled, your participation in this study will last for 12 weeks, with a further final check 6 months after the treatment is started. It is important to understand that only half the patients entering the trial will be offered the RAPID™ Gel dressings and this allocation is made at random. The patients who are not offered the RAPID™ Gel dressings will still have their ulcer ‘freshened up’ and will have standard dressings instead, aligning to best practice care standards.

You will have an initial screening visit either in London, Bradford or Loughborough. This will be followed by a weekly visit to the clinic for 12 weeks, followed by a further visit after 6 months.

The London site is located at the Royal London Hospital near Whitechapel station (map).

The Bradford site is located at the Bradford Royal Infirmary (map).

The Loughborough site is located at Loughborough Hospital (map).

What is the benefit for me?

Your participation will contribute to medical understanding of diabetic foot ulcers and may help to find a treatment for these. During the trial you will receive best in class medical care, either with or without the RAPID™ Biodynamic Haematogel.

Out of pocket travel expenses will be paid for additional hospital visits.

Who is the study for? 

Participants must:

  • Be aged 18-90
  • Have had a diabetic foot ulcer for 10 weeks or more
  • Be willing and able to travel to the sites in either London, Bradford, or Loughborough

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