Paid screening tests

Chronomics are a provider of home diagnostic tests and are looking for 5 paid volunteers to try their new test kits at home.

This will involve taking 3 tests: a blood test, an oral swab and, an anal swab. These tests are for STIs such as Herpes, Syphillis, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea but you do not have to have these conditions in order to take part.

The results of these tests will be compared to understand the accuracy of the at-home testing kit.

You will be paid $100 by Chronomics for taking part (paid upon successful return of testing kit).

Study For

Studie für

Anyone aged 18+ in specific US states

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October 1, 2022


What is expected of me? 

Was wird von mir erwartet?

  • After completing the pre-screening form on this webpage, you will be contacted via phone or email by a member of the project team from Chronomics. They will organise how to send the 3 STI kits to you by post.
  • The three STI test kits will arrive at the postal address provided and will include instructions on how to do them.
  • Once you have done the tests you will be responsible for posting them back to Chronomics.
  • You will receive the test results and be eligible for $100 compensation

What is the benefit for me?

Was ist der Nutzen für mich?

You will receive $100 compensation for taking part. You will also receive the test results which may be useful or interesting.

Who is the study for? 

Für wen ist die Studie?

Anyone aged 18+. You must live in Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Arizona, Nevada, or Alabama.

Study Application Form


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