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Our Mission

Help innovative companies make an impact

High-growth companies will be responsible for the next wave of breakthrough treatments, but the clinical trial industry doesn’t move at their pace

Accelerate the pace of research

It can take up to 15 years for new treatments to reach patients. We want to help patients benefit sooner by accelerating this process.

Make research more patient-centric

New treatments would not be possible without volunteers. Research needs to be designed with patients and participants in mind.

Our Story

Clinical trials are broken. The cost of bringing new medicines to market has skyrocketed and as a result patients are missing out on new treatments. Our mission is to fix this; we use software to help innovative companies run faster, more reliable and patient-friendly clinical trials. We do this because we believe patients deserve better than having to wait decades for new treatments.

We’re named after James Lind who pioneered the first clinical trial in the 18th century and discovered that oranges and lemons cured scurvy. Like James, we want to improve health outcomes for all.

Our Team

We’re a team of clinicians, technologists and above all clinical trial participants on a mission to transform healthcare

Headshot Michael Young
Michael Young


Michael was previously a Special Adviser to the UK Prime Minister, where he advised the UK government on life sciences. He is passionate about improving health outcomes and quality of life for people with long term medical conditions.

Headhshot Meri Beckwith
Meri Beckwith


Meri was previously a venture capital investor and partner to biotech and digital health companies. He took part in the COVID-19 vaccine trials as a volunteer, where he saw how trial outcomes could be improved by focusing on patient experience.

Headshot Nik Haldimann
Nik Haldimann

Co-Founder and CTO

15 years' experience building world-class tech products. Previously at BenevolentAI, Descartes Labs, Placemeter and Google.

Van Zyl Engelbrecht

Director of Clinical Operations

Van Zyl has over 20 years’ experience in clinical operations, delivering studies across the globe. He is one of the pioneers of decentralised trials.

Hannah Swayze

Senior Trial Manager

Experienced clinical trial specialist. Previously, leading on the set-up, management, and oversight of large-scale Urgent Public Health decentralised platform COVID-19 treatment trials at the University of Oxford.

Headshot Rebbeca de Rome
Rebecca de Rome

Head of Ops and Growth

Previously a consultant to the pharmaceutical sector at Simon-Kucher & Partners, advising on market access and pricing.

Headshot Ece Kavalci
Ece Kavalci

Data Scientist

ML engineer, with MSc from KCL. Leading work on ML-powered tool for protocol design.

Dr Luke Twelves

Medical Director

GP for 25 years, formerly CEO of Omnes Healthcare and director of clinical governance at United Health.

Damien Tiller

Director of Quality

Experienced Senior Quality and Regulatory Professional, IRCA Registered Lead Pharmaceutical and Quality Management System Auditor with over 10 years experience in industry.

Cassy Keenan

Clinical Nurse Coordinator

NMC registered and experienced general nurse. Plays a vital role in delivering effective clinical research and supporting patients through their treatment in the trial.

Zaid Al-Jubouri

Software Engineer

Experienced in building applications from end-to-end. Always interested in the latest in the software engineering landscape.

Bam Miller

Social Media and Events Manager

Extensive experience with social media campaigns, branding and events management. Inspired to improve lives of people with long term medical conditions.

Amiel Kollek

Senior Software Engineer

5 years’ experience at Meta working on both consumer and business facing products. Passionate about building software that can help improve peoples' lives.

Madeleine De Forest-Brown

Software Engineer

Full stack software engineer with a background in mechanical engineering. Motivated by the advantages available when we bring technology and healthcare closer together.

Nijat Hasanli

Head of Product

Previous experience building products for early stage companies. Leading the development of our trial delivery platform.

Our Values

Be Transparent

We share information across the whole team, avoiding hierarchies and silos

Stay curious

Keep asking questions, we'll never get anywhere by blindly following the status quo

Be high agency

Nothing happens unless we make it happen, and we all take ownership and responsibility

Go fast

Speed is life and our biggest competitive advantage. Get used to faster OODA loops!

Benefit patients

Our mission is to accelerate clinical trials so patients can benefit. Achieving this mission will be the most important thing any of us ever does

And most importantly ...

Have fun!

Our Investors

Our Expert Advisors

Duncan Arbour

SVP Insights and Innovation at Syneos Health.

Shaun Treweek

Professor of Health Services Research, founder of Trial Forge (an initiative to improve trial design) and Editor-in-Chief of the Trials Journal.

Paul Wicks

Expert consultant in evidence generation for digital health startups.

Our Patient Advisory Board

Rachel Profile Image
Rachel Jones
Rachel is the Managing Partner of Swii.ch, the rare disease patient engagement advisory. She is a Pharmacist and behavioural scientist by background and was previously Global Patient Centricity Lead at AstraZeneca. She has worked as a Management Consultant across Europe and the US in areas of patient centricity and digital delivery.
Rosemary Profile Image
Dr Rosemary Beardow
Rosemary is a former GP and Consultant in Public Health Medicine. She has been involved in health research and clinical trials and provides insight from the perspective of the patient, primary care, and researcher.
Jon Profile Image
Jonathan Gwilim
Jonathan is the Director of Createhealth.io. He brings over a decade of marketing and product experience, ranging from international private and public healthcare providers to government regulators. He was a pioneer of utilising crowdsourcing to improve patient engagement and insight, with outcomes published in the BMJ of Innovation.
Jenny Profile Image
Jenny Royle
Jenny worked for many years in clinical trials and patient centricity from within the Pharmaceutical industry, before co-founding a new academic research group. Here she united academia, non-profit and the NHS to change the way that clinical trials are delivered. She is now Director of Rekaryo Health Ltd and Managing partner of MediPaCe Ltd and continues to work in both clinical science and patient engagement to achieve improved outcomes for all.

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