Join us and help make research accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Our team are excited to build the future of healthcare.

Clinical trials are in crisis. The industry hasn't changed in 30 years, and the cost of bringing new medicines to market is skyrocketing as a result. Lindus Health’s mission is to fix this.

To help us achieve our mission and grow our team, we've closed a $5m seed round from leading investors including Firstminute Capital, Presight, Seedcamp and Hambro Perks.

We are a high-energy, driven, and passionate team with big values.

Be transparent

We share information across the whole team, avoiding hierarchies and silos

Stay curious

Keep asking questions, we’ll never get anywhere by blindly following the status quo

Be high-agency

Nothing happens unless we make it happen, and we all take ownership and responsibility

Go fast

Speed is life and our biggest competitive advantage, get used to faster OODA loops

Benefit patients

Our most critical mission is to accelerate clinical trials so patients can benefit

Have fun!

Most importantly, we are in the pursuit of fostering a fun environment for all.

Trial-nerd corner.

Do you want to better understand what motivates us to make clinical trials more effective? Check out these resources that we love.

CB Insights: The Future of Clinical Trials

(on the role of AI and 'AI' in clinical trials)

Why is Biology so expensive? Tales from the beast's belly

(Describes the crazy and inefficient processes of the CROs we're disrupting)

The Magic of Randomization versus the Myth of Real-World Evidence

(trends that have shaped clinical trials and what needs to change)