Why I joined Lindus Health - Hannah Swayze, Senior Trial Manager

July 6, 2022


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I joined Lindus Health in March 2022 as Senior Trial Manager in the Clinical Operations team. Since the start of my career, I have worked in both pre-clinical and clinical research and have always been driven by the desire to improve patient care. Working for Lindus Health allows me to work at the cutting edge of clinical research, delivering outcomes more efficiently and effectively, and improving patient care at a faster pace and reduced cost.

To overcome the current barriers to clinical research

Before joining Lindus Health, I worked in academia and managed Urgent Public Health COVID-19 treatment trials where the limitations of traditional clinical trials became apparent. The development of innovative and decentralised processes was key to delivering this research and quickly finding COVID-19 treatments. This approach is fundamental to Lindus Health’s mission; accelerating clinical trials so that patients can benefit from new treatments quickly. This is something I feel hugely passionate about. I joined Lindus Health to help develop an end-to-end clinical trial platform delivering decentralised trials which exceed the needs of sponsors, investigators, regulators, and participants. Our approach will deliver clinical trials quickly and allow patients to benefit sooner.

To develop innovative technology that will deliver clinical trials more efficiently

One of the main barriers to clinical trial recruitment is that participants simply aren’t aware that there is a trial that they can take part in. Even when they are aware, they often cannot take part due to geographical restrictions and logistical constraints. I joined Lindus Health to help develop innovative technology to make clinical trials more accessible and increase the diversity of the patient population by allowing participants to take part from the comfort of their own homes.

To be a part of a supportive, flexible and growing team

As a member of Lindus Health, I am part of a team who are passionate and committed to our mission of modernising the sector’s approach to clinical trials and bringing treatments to patients more quickly. I have joined a supportive start-up where all opinions are valued, I am able to have a meaningful impact and I work in an environment where I can learn and develop. As a parent, the hybrid working approach in the company allows me to maintain a healthy work-life balance whilst pursuing a career that I am passionate about.

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