Improving the reliability of clinical trial data, fuelled by Innovate UK's Smart Grant

May 17, 2023


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We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been awarded an Innovate UK Smart Grant, part of UK Research and Innovation, to advance our use of machine learning and data science to revolutionise clinical trial data management.

Effective clinical data management represents a fundamental part of any clinical trial, impacting safety, data integrity and the reliability of results upon which regulatory approvals are made. Despite this, current approaches often use manual paper-based data input. Furthermore, all interpretation is performed retrospectively, in some cases months after trial completion. This provides greater risk for issues in data quality and an inability to identify data integrity safety issues in a timely way.

Through the use of AI detection models and deep learning techniques, we overcome these limitations with a product capable of real time data capture, safety monitoring and advanced data analytics.

Having worked on 80+ clinical trials to date, with 100% of trials completed on or ahead of schedule, our approach has been designed to address challenges cited by trial sponsors, in response to increasing demand for fast-track drug development processes, a drive for improved patient safety and improved quality of data outputs. 

Our solution forms part of the development of Citrus (our clinical trial delivery platform), taking a further step in our use of ML/AI-powered tools to deliver end-to-end clinical trials for our partners.

We're honoured to be recognised by Innovate UK for our work and are excited about the potential impact our research will have on the UK economy.

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