Digital Therapeutics in Mental Health: Doing Things Differently

March 21, 2023


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You don’t need us to tell you how important optimising mental health condition management is. Numerous digital therapeutics exist for addressing conditions such as anxiety and depression, and we have compiled a list of our favourite companies that are disrupting conventional techniques of managing mental health by implementing novel solutions.

GrayMatters Health

GrayMatters Health have created a revolutionary neurofeedback technology to provide next-generation personalised psychotherapy; first to patients with PTSD, with more therapeutic areas in the pipeline. By combining data from EEGs and fMRIs, they’ve been able to generate an Electrical Fingerprint (EFP) which acts as a biomarker. Patients are then trained to regulate this EFP during therapy sessions.

Woebot Health

The potential applications of machine learning are endless, and Woebot Health have put it to pretty good use. Utilizing decades of evidence-based research and machine learning, they have developed a chatbot that offers service users access to a therapist round-the-clock (A* for improving access to mental health services guys).

Of the therapeutic areas they target, the one most striking to us has to be adolescent depression. It isn’t always straightforward for younger people to access traditional therapeutic routes - both from an availability perspective as well as a compliance perspective (opening up, in practice, isn’t easy).

Arcade Therapeutics (formally Wise Therapeutics)

To every video game enthusiast, the concept of ‘therapeutic gaming’ sounds like the stuff of dreams - Arcade are here to make that dream a reality. Their therapeutic video games which are designed to treat various mental health conditions are created on a foundation of strong neuroscientific research, all of which connect to their Arcade Connect platform that enables the identification of risk triggers, as well as data analysis so patient and clinician can see a trend over time.

Handspring Health

Made up of an incredible team, Handspring is all about ensuring children and adolescents get the right treatment for mental health. Handspring’s therapists, who are trained specifically in paediatrics, use a combination of CBT and BPT (Behavioural Parent Training) to help manage various mental health conditions and stressors - OCD, anxiety, grief, bullying, sleep issues and more.


Nobody’s a stranger to the euphoric feeling of some good noise-canceling headphones with a good beat, but did you know music can be medicine too? Well the team at LUCID have combined neuroscientific principles with their bespoke AI to create a platform for music based therapy. They’re using their wide range of songs to treat a huge range of therapeutic areas including anxiety, paediatric stress, burnout, and dementia.


Data-driven decision making is important, and this applies to healthcare as well. Through the use of carefully designed video games, Thymia gathers thousands of data points including facial microexpressions and voice to assess a baseline severity of depression. In combination with a clinical assessment, Thymia’s data can be used to formulate a management plan, and then later used to assess response to treatment.

This is pretty revolutionary as trying to find a way of creating objective data that can be used in the treatment of mental health disorders isn’t easy, and current systems such as questionnaires can be subject to bias. It isn’t like treating a fast heart rate where you have the advantage of looking at numbers to assess a response. We’re keen to see where Thymia goes, and how much benefit it brings to patients. 

Our mission at Lindus Health is to accelerate clinical trials, so patients can benefit from new treatments sooner. We are a next-generation CRO helping Digital Therapeutics pioneers run radically faster, more reliable clinical trials. We do this by marrying a world class clinical team with an end to end technology platform, including EDC, database, site and feasibility products. We also have unique access to over 5m electronic health records. We can recruit participants and execute a trial efficiently, from capturing trial endpoints, managing screening and patient visits.

Our products have been used to recruit, onboard and handle data from thousands of patients and Lindus Health has helped run over 70 studies up to 3x faster than traditional CROs. Get in touch to see how we could help solve your next clinical trial!

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