Lindusboards: Our Top 6 UK-Based Digital Therapeutics Companies Making Headway in the USA

March 23, 2023


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As a London-based company, we’re proud of the UK digital therapeutics scene. There are loads of fantastic companies here looking to disrupt the status quo and bring more patient-centric, and effective treatments into the hands of the individuals that need them the most. We’re even more proud of all the trailblazers who have taken a leap of faith and jumped across the pond. In this post, as part of our Lindusboards series, meet 6 of our favourite UK-based digital therapeutics companies who are either starting to operate or are well established in America!


1. Current Health

Virtual hospitals are a very hot topic right now in MedTech, and Current Health are here to make delivering healthcare at home even more seamless. They combine continuous monitoring devices and patient-reported outcomes with 24/7 clinical support via their clinical command center. They started their journey in 2015, and since then have offices in Edinburgh and Boston, and have 20,000 patients under their management. It’s a revolutionary company making big moves, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they do going forward.

2. Ieso

Ieso have been innovators since the turn of the millennium when they were founded. They always had the vision of marrying technology, data science and medicine to provide superior healthcare, particularly in the realm of psychotherapy. Their seed-round in 2011 kickstarted their growth, and since then, it has become one of the largest care providers of AI-powered digital therapy for the NHS. Ieso have also partnered with American health plans to help broaden the access to their next-generation services.

3. Big Health

We’re huge fans of Big Health – firstly, the product names are really cool. Users can work with Sleepio, a digital therapeutic to help manage insomnia, or Daylight, their DTx product that has been developed to help manage anxiety. It’s awesome that the underlying mission for DTx is to provide non-drug alternatives; it isn’t uncommon for patients to veer away from drugs due to personal preferences, so it’s great to see a team addressing this need. Like true pioneers, they have NICE’s stamp of approval as the first DTx company ever to actually receive a positive NICE recommendation! On the flip side, they’re also making their mark in the US and have partnered with big names like Home Depot to provide employees with access to their services. or


4.  Healios

Healios are all about improving accessibility to care, for all people. It’s easy to fail to address the mental health needs of children and younger people, and Healios are here to ensure that gap is bridged by providing autism, ADHD and mental health services for people between the ages of 7 and 25. They recently secured a £14 million round of funding to facilitate delivery of their services in both the UK and America.


5. Closed Loop Medicine

Personalised medicine is probably the buzzword of the decade when it comes to healthcare – everyone’s trying to move towards patient-centric care (as they should). Closed Loop Medicine take that to the next level, by leveraging personalised data and feedback from wearables and medical devices to enable precision dosing of drug therapies, allowing a good balance between efficacy and side effects of drug treatments.

They’re currently partnered with a range of institutions including Queen Mary in the UK and NorthWest EHealth, and they’ve also had some experience in the US by partnering with San Francisco’s Curebase; we can’t wait to see where they go next.


6. ImproveWell

Burnout amongst healthcare staff has never been a more poignant topic following a global pandemic, which is why we’re so happy to see a digital therapeutics that’s built with healthcare staff in mind! ImproveWell is an app aimed collecting data from employees in relation to various things such as employee mood, enjoyment at work, and ideas that employees may have towards improving work processes, all of which gets displayed on an easy-to-analyse dashboard. 

They started their journey with UK NHS trusts, and have since partnered with various different institutions including University of Minnesota Health.


Thanks for reading another continuation of the Lindusboards series! What do you think of our selection? Anyone you’re particularly excited to see grow? Let us know!


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