Why I joined Lindus Health - Anthony Brogno, Director of Clinical Operations

August 15, 2023


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I began working in the clinical research space in 2007, where I worked for a mid-sized CRO as an In-House CRA.  Since then, I’ve worked across various sized CROs, Bio-Techs and DCT organizations supporting all phases of research across multiple therapeutic areas.  Over the last 7 years, I’ve focused on new and innovative methods for conducting research outside the traditional settings by leveraging technology, process optimization, and modernized approaches to streamline and enhance research for all stakeholders. What attracted me to join Lindus Health?  Below are my top reasons:

To break the mold of the CRO status quo

Working across many industry CROs, I’ve seen how inefficient and outdated traditional CROs can be.  Lindus Health isn’t like other CROs, where change orders and billing clients by the minute is the standard.   Lindus Health aligns itself with each sponsor's study milestones and goals, and does not benefit from delays or inefficiencies of the trial.  Lindus Health brings a postmodern approach to solving sponsors' needs, and by doing so creates an atmosphere for collaboration and ingenuity.   This level of alignment between sponsors and Lindus Health really intrigued me, as I believed it would foster a new-level of collaboration and teamwork never seen before between sponsors and CROs.  Lindus Health’s Anti-CRO approach to partnering with sponsors is really exciting to me, as it is the mindset needed, from my perspective, to break down barriers within research and drive sponsor efficiencies, ultimately allowing the creation of new medicines to market more rapidly.

Leveraging social media and technology to support research operations

With technology playing a huge influence in today’s society, It is not used enough to support research activities across the globe.  Lindus Health uses unique approaches to identify and recruit participants through various channels, with one of those channels being social media and digital advertising.  With this approach, Lindus Health has the opportunity to reach populations that normally would not participate in research, which is opening the door and changing the mindset of research across the globe.  Participants are able to access more treatments, navigate the pre-screening and screening process, and consent into clinical studies all through the convenience of their smartphone.  Providing this level of ease and convenience is important to me, as it breaks down barriers for participation and creates equity for potential participants.  Creating equity and providing life-saving medicines more broadly is a critical and driving force that keeps me motivated.  

The Lindus Health company culture

Before joining Lindus Health and meeting with Michael and Meri (Co-Founders) on a few occasions, I received a great impression from them about how important the company culture is at Lindus Health.  At Lindus Health, every employee has a voice and the ability to contribute in a meaningful way; whether it’s supporting the enhancement of our platform (Citrus), defining new processes, contributing to writing SOPs, and many other ways.  Having fun and building relationships inside and outside the office is made a priority at Lindus Health.  I experienced this first-hand when traveling to London for our annual team-building day, and I had the opportunity to build relationships as well as witness the team dynamic.  Everyone at Lindus Health truly enjoys working here, contributes immensely to our growth and has fun in the process.  Joining a company with this level of commitment to fostering a fun and productive culture was something I wanted to experience, and ever since I joined I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing it first-hand.

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