Why I joined Lindus Health? Van Zyl Engelbrecht

March 29, 2022


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It is exciting to join Lindus Health at a time when increasing trial digitalisation, significant regulatory changes, and multichannel data generation are pushing sponsors to select partners whose trial solutions are supported by technology and not just experience and manpower alone; trial solutions supported by deep knowledge and expertise, not just technology.

There are three key reasons why I joined Lindus Health. Ultimately it boils down to my belief in Lindus Health’s mission to radically speed up clinical trials and get new treatments to patients sooner.

Reason 1: The mission is to accelerate clinical research for the next generation of healthcare and pharmaceutical companies.

Our mission at Lindus is to accelerate clinical trials for innovative biotech and healthtech sponsors. Over the last 20 years, I have worked in the clinical research industry as both a sponsor and service provider giving me a unique perspective of the ever-increasing development timelines and resulting costs.  At Lindus Health I have found a team laser-focused on reducing the clinical timeline creep (outside of protocol defined trial duration). Supporting and living this vision every day is tremendously fulfilling and aligns with my professional motivations as a scientist.    

Reason 2: The focus on making clinical research more patient-centric and inclusive

RapidRecruit (Lindus Health’s bespoke multi-channel approach to recruit the right patients for clinical trials quickly) makes clinical research more accessible to underserved populations.  I have firsthand experience of how recruitment methodologies have evolved over the last two decades in clinical research.  It is only recently that technology and legislation aligned to truly accelerate enrollment over a broader spectrum of the patient population.  With RapidRecruit we have better and faster access to patient source documentation resulting in clinical trials that are more representative of real-world populations.

Reason 3: Supporting innovative companies bringing their products to market at a lower cost

Digitalisation across the product development cycle has not always brought about the time efficiency and cost savings expected.  The increased cost of development (i.e., clinical trials) has a real impact on the accessibility of new and innovative products to underserved patient populations.  At Lindus Health I have experienced firsthand how we use bespoke technology, specifically designed and built to deliver clinical trials to sponsors and patients at a significantly lower cost.

Van Zyl is Lindus Health’s Director of Clinical Operations. He has experience in the clinical research industry for 25 years and was formerly responsible for managing clinical operations, project management, and regulatory at Lightship, UBC, and Astellas.

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